EkScript or Eks is a scalable language for the next 20 years

EkScript is now just in conceptual stage. First pre-alpha release will be on 5th October! So, tune-in

What is EkScript?

EkScript compiles to many different languages with an easy to use but powerful compiler helping you write code that won't lose your trust in real battlegrounds (i.e. production)

EkScript is easy-to-learn as it is almost 99% TypeScript syntax but more easier to use! It will save you from the perils of runtime-errors as well as compile-time errors. EkScript uses the JavaScript standard library. Being one of the most popular language, EkScript is the best choice for your next big project!

Why EkScript?

EkScript was built out of the need for a programming language that meets the following requirements for an alternative language that...

  1. ...is based on another very, very popular language developers use at present. TypeScript's popularity and similarity with EkScript means developers won't have to relearn everything from scratch.

  2. ...has static typing for avoiding runtime errors: EkScript has a strong typing system making it perfect for minimizing trivial development bugs.

  3. ...has a AOT and JIT mode without any VM: Having a Just-in-Time mode means better developer productivity and faster iterations helping any organization or individual release software in record time. Combine that with a fully compatible Ahead-Of-Time mode means the final output will have state-of-the-art optimized performance.

  4. ...least amount of Runtime errors and more compile time errors: The strong static typing baked in helps fix the most trivial bugs before they get to the end users of any software.

  5. ...has no Pointers. EkScript is a perfect combination of ease-of-use and high performance. Developers won't have to worry about pointers as it has an automatic garbage collection.

  6. ...has the standard libraries similar to JavaScript: TypeScript's choice for the base language means that EkScript supports all NodeJS and Browser APIs out-of-the-box. This means developers are jumping into familiar grounds and use their favorite standard library features.

  7. ...compiles to many different Object-Oriented languages: EkScript's ability to compile/transpile to JavaScript, C++, Dart, Kotlin and Swift gives it the ability to run on every possible platform present today ranging from the web to small-embedded devices. Its a real learn-once-write-once-run-anywhere programming language.

And many more things. Give it a go. You will love it.

What's inside?

Written in Rust, The EkScript compiler is fast! Damn Fast! No more slow compile times you face with TypeScript.

EkScript ❤️ TypeScript

All TypeScript modules are 100% compatible with EkScript through an easy-to-use interop. So, no more wasting time relearning new languages.

EkScript Bundler

EkScript comes with a modern bundler that takes care of all the difficult configurations for you.

Let's get started then!